Fashion Over Reason: Adriana Lima, high fashion model?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adriana Lima, high fashion model?

I may or may not be the only one to think this, but i never thought of Adriana Lima as anything other than just a Victoria's Secret model. Actually, i never knew of her doing anything outside of parading her perfect wing-clad assets down the ever so extravagant lingerie giant runway, being a face for Maybelline and a Guess model. She's not even on the model list. To be perfectly honest, her extremely commercial look doesn't exactly scream high fashion to me, nor does it exude that underground vibe sought out by magazines with real street cred. Her body type also differs from the very long and lean lines runway models can create with their limbs. Which of course doesn't take anything away from miss Lima's beauty, it just makes it all the more surprising that i've been encountering her in extremely unlikely places, namely a fashion editorial in the March issue of Elle, a walk down Givenchy's runway last week and an artistic turn as Amy Winehouse in the new Love magazine, Katie Grand's recent Conde Nast venture. Is this some sort of comeback, or should i say new beginning for the voluptuous brazilian model?

An excerpt from Elle:

Adriana at Givenchy Fall 09:

As the notorious Winehouse in Love:

[images via sylefrizz, & superficialdiva]

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Anonymous said...

Has she done anything recent though? I haven't seen her doing anything since shes come back from giving birth. I hope maybe she does more high fashion. Commercial VS stuff seems kinda boring---same lingerie stuff all the time... at least high fashion you always are asked to do something different.

the good thing is she has aged really well so she can definitely do high fashion for a while if she wants.