Fashion Over Reason: Dazzling Dries!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dazzling Dries!

As we all know, it's fashion month. I've surprised myself by having taken the time to follow almost every show. It's almost like a drug: every day i need my fix. I reckon i find this season so exciting for numerous reasons:
a) school seems to have taken a backseat (although the reason as to why eludes me, i seem to have narrowed it down to three possibilities: either the work load is lighter, either i've just gotten used to it or lastly, maybe i've ceased to care as though my life depended on it.)
b) it's really interesting to see how designers will design for panicked high end department store buyers and rich women now having (or may not be having) to pinch pennies.
c) i was of extreme eagerness to follow the evolution of some of my new or not-so-new favorite designers(Decarnin@Balmain, Tisci@Givenchy, Pilati@YSL, Ghesquière@Balenciaga)... the anticipation of how they can outdo themselves was almost too much to handle!
d) my magazine obsession and knowledge of the industry is greater than ever (and won't stop, that's for sure), therefore all i can think about is the stuff that's going to be in all my favorite pulications come fall and who's going to love what, which kind of stories will be weaved with the surfacing trends... I can hardly contain myself is the truth.

Anyway, the reason for this post was actually very specific. Browsing through the Dries Van Noten show, i stopped in my tracks at look #41. Not only is it in the shade of nude pink i've recently become obsessed with, but i found the dress so strikingly beautiful and just truly stunning. I kept reading so many amazing contradictions into it. To me this garment is one big romantic oxymoron: it's simple yet complicated, soft yet ecclectic, feminine yet not bodycon, old glamour yet very fresh and modern, oriental yet occidental. All in all it was love at first sight. And i just kept thinking to myself: wouldn't Kate Bosworth look amazing in this?! Oh and one last thing before i go, Toni Garrn is def my new favorite model!
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