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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In quotations

I usually keep away from doing this kind of thing, but these two quotes i recently stumbled upon were too amazing to just keep to myself.

"I'm always obsessed with American children's pageants - these 5-year-olds with false lashes and big hair singing these really old adult songs, they're amazing. Why not dress your child like that? I'd love to go to one, but people would think i'm a pervert."
-Christopher Kane muses in the March issue of Interview.

"I have more fun doing my magazine. We French, we small! We can smoke on the cover, we can show tits, we can do crazy calendar; we have a lot of freedom that they don't have in America."
-Carine Roitfeld, my all time idol, tells The Observer back in 2007 why she plans on staying at Paris Vogue.

[image via gastrogirl]

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