Fashion Over Reason: Kate Moss' flashback

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kate Moss' flashback

You know the 90s train is going to be a big one when Kate hops on the bandwagon. The reigning queen of fashion has just pierced 6 new holes in one of her ears, which is now almost fully rimmed with little hoops. My mom never let me get extra holes back in the day, which i am grateful for now, but all the cool kids had them and it would've looked amazing with my baggy Kurt shirts and ripped up jeans. It's sort of ironic cause miss Moss is actually one of the major icons of the 90s. Just going back to where she came from, i suppose? Bet you this is going to put the 90s revival at the forefront of all fashion trends, though. Everything comes full circle eventually, even Kate Moss!

And now, for a little trip in the time machine, here's some real 90s Kate:

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