Fashion Over Reason: Sebago officially becomes an it shoe

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sebago officially becomes an it shoe

I know i've been posting a lot about shoes, but like i said, i'm obsessed. So i love boat shoes. I have a pair of burgundy Sebagos that i got about 4 years ago in nyc on sale for 20 bucks when they were impossible to find in Montreal (they weren't yet all-the-rage) and i've been obsessed ever since. Actually, i was obsessed before too. I quite like the nautical vibe, so i'm always inspired by this look (if we're going to be frank, i have their magazine ads plastered all over the inside of my closet doors...). Anyway, Sebago just did a collabo with the ever popular parisian it store Colette available now. If you're in the city of light, be sure to pick up a pair! Not too sure what to think about the color combos and i'm not a huge fan of big visible stiching... But for some reason, i feel a strange attraction to the grey, orange and blue ones even if they're a bit of a stretch from my usual monochrome and simplistic taste. I'd wear them with white skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt, and some sort of headwear, maybe a beret? Ha!

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