Fashion Over Reason: Sometimes a girl needs some scruff

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sometimes a girl needs some scruff

Distressed denim is making its way back into our hearts. Or into stores, anyway. I've been saying for a while now (pleasingly so!) that the 90's comeback is right around the corner and boy am i ever being served! Perhaps stemming from the now-infamous Margiela jeans worn by Gisele on the cover of V54, the ripped, torn and stained worker pants are sure to be the new denim trend for fall. Other indicators include the fact that they were all over Balmain's spring runway and that J Crew's spawn, Madewell, has them in their fall line. I personally prefer my denim's affliction to happen as a natural aging process, you know, for that true worn in look and for the too-cool-for-school factor. However, i wouldn't be opposed to these bran-new pairs either, seeing as i'm regaling in grunge's return to the forefront.

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