Fashion Over Reason: April 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current obsession: fringe it!

I love this trend. Actually, i wouldn't quite qualify it as a "trend" per say, since it's rather timeless. Pretty sure fringed fashion has glided smoothly through the decades, firstly as a flapper swing dance must-have in the 20s, then as a major cowboy necessity through the years (who decided western conquerers were to wear fringed outfits anyway? Did this help lasso throwing or something?), and then translated into super boho garb in the peace and love era. So anyway, i love this "trend", year after year designers go wild with it, but this season it has been particularly dominating, to my great pleasure. I absolutely adore how fringed pieces can range from oh so casual to super chic. For your viewing pleasure, i had a little fun with photoshop!

Black Magic!

Congratulations to Arlenis Sosa who just landed the May 09 cover of German Vogue! She looks stunning in Lavin ss 09. The Dominican beauty must be reveling in her fast rise to success, especially now that hew new Lancôme ads have just been released. A giant leap for models of color in this day and age.

[images via modelinia and makefetchhappen]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

True Drew

I must say, i've had an ongoing crush on Drew Barrymore since my high school days (oh wow that was long ago lol). Indeed, i used to have a folder with clippings of her. Weird, huh? I was fascinated with her coolness and found her style to be perfection: disheveled wild child with a touch of flower power. How can that not resonate with an angry teenager in the 90s? Anyway, so as Drew evolved, so did i (obviously!) but my weakness for her never left. And while she may not be the obvious choice for a fashionista, my penchant for her has recently been re-sparked when i saw her looking stunning in Narciso, shining only as she knows how.

As if that wasn't enough, she frickin' shows up at the Grey Gardens premiere looking like this!!!! I think the reason why i love what she exudes is because she always stays true to herself. That said, she never looks pristine, which is to me the element of true style.

[images via fashionising and red carpet fashion awards]

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guys, new amazing stuff on À la Vintage!!!!

Lots of 90s dresses and great stuff for the summer!

Models, how i love thee

The much anticipated May American Vogue cover with a slew of models as muses - as per the theme of this year's Met Costume Insitute Gala - is out! I'm sure i'm speaking on behalf of all my fellow fashionistas when i say that i looooove models (it's as much a source of inspiration as it is of fascination, really) and get overwhelmedly (is that a word?) excited when i see them on North American magazine covers, cause we all know that models on covers "don't sell as well as celbrities" - yawn. I can't wait to receive my copy of this Vogue issue, which might i add, has been, in my opinion, getting better and better since last Fall. It was getting oh so boring, almost tedious to read, when all of sudden Anna kept pleasantly surprising me with amazing editorials (less jumping in studios), great shopping pages (strictly inspiration, of course - i mean, who can really afford their price points anyway?) and really interesting reads. Hopefully i'm not putting my foot in my mouth right now and talking too fast, but all i'm saying is that i've rediscovered a magazine that i once almost discarded. Anyway, so while i praise the newfound mojo of American Vogue (unless i'm the only one who has made this observation...) i feel compelled to add that this cover seems like a bubble gum rendition of valley of the dolls. Why not show the bodies? The photoshopped look is way over done here. Just as i was lauding the mag for putting models on the cover - a rare feat - it somehow comes back to bite me in the ass as they clearly had to make them as commercial looking (read boring) as possible.

[image via fashionising]

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Matthew Williamson's summer vision

Here's a sneak peak at Daria looking amazing for Williamson's H&M Summer line in stores on May 14th. However, as you know it, his Spring collection hits stores on the 23rd... I have yet to see a piece that really speaks to me (personally brights and patterns don't really appeal), but i'm still going to check it out when it debuts. Something might tickle live in the flesh (i.e. that motorcycle leather jacket)!

[images via stylefizz]

French chic

Parisian ladies have a certain je ne sais quoi, a total air about them that renders their fabulous reputation as the world's most stylish, chic and put-together gals. Perhaps this rings true due to their patrimonial heritage; after all, Paris was and still is (although with much rivalry) the fashion capital of the world. I also remember from my fashion history class that during world war II, Hitler tried to overthrow the reign of the French capital in order to replace it by Berlin - but failed - obviously. Anyway, so French women have been the cream of the crop when it comes to style, ever since we can remember (Marie Antoinette, anyone?). Having said that, go check out this site for an insider's guide as to how they do it, where they eat, where they shop and how they stay so fabuloso. Sigh.