Fashion Over Reason: Current obsession: fringe it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current obsession: fringe it!

I love this trend. Actually, i wouldn't quite qualify it as a "trend" per say, since it's rather timeless. Pretty sure fringed fashion has glided smoothly through the decades, firstly as a flapper swing dance must-have in the 20s, then as a major cowboy necessity through the years (who decided western conquerers were to wear fringed outfits anyway? Did this help lasso throwing or something?), and then translated into super boho garb in the peace and love era. So anyway, i love this "trend", year after year designers go wild with it, but this season it has been particularly dominating, to my great pleasure. I absolutely adore how fringed pieces can range from oh so casual to super chic. For your viewing pleasure, i had a little fun with photoshop!

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