Fashion Over Reason: Models, how i love thee

Monday, April 13, 2009

Models, how i love thee

The much anticipated May American Vogue cover with a slew of models as muses - as per the theme of this year's Met Costume Insitute Gala - is out! I'm sure i'm speaking on behalf of all my fellow fashionistas when i say that i looooove models (it's as much a source of inspiration as it is of fascination, really) and get overwhelmedly (is that a word?) excited when i see them on North American magazine covers, cause we all know that models on covers "don't sell as well as celbrities" - yawn. I can't wait to receive my copy of this Vogue issue, which might i add, has been, in my opinion, getting better and better since last Fall. It was getting oh so boring, almost tedious to read, when all of sudden Anna kept pleasantly surprising me with amazing editorials (less jumping in studios), great shopping pages (strictly inspiration, of course - i mean, who can really afford their price points anyway?) and really interesting reads. Hopefully i'm not putting my foot in my mouth right now and talking too fast, but all i'm saying is that i've rediscovered a magazine that i once almost discarded. Anyway, so while i praise the newfound mojo of American Vogue (unless i'm the only one who has made this observation...) i feel compelled to add that this cover seems like a bubble gum rendition of valley of the dolls. Why not show the bodies? The photoshopped look is way over done here. Just as i was lauding the mag for putting models on the cover - a rare feat - it somehow comes back to bite me in the ass as they clearly had to make them as commercial looking (read boring) as possible.

[image via fashionising]

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