Fashion Over Reason: True Drew

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

True Drew

I must say, i've had an ongoing crush on Drew Barrymore since my high school days (oh wow that was long ago lol). Indeed, i used to have a folder with clippings of her. Weird, huh? I was fascinated with her coolness and found her style to be perfection: disheveled wild child with a touch of flower power. How can that not resonate with an angry teenager in the 90s? Anyway, so as Drew evolved, so did i (obviously!) but my weakness for her never left. And while she may not be the obvious choice for a fashionista, my penchant for her has recently been re-sparked when i saw her looking stunning in Narciso, shining only as she knows how.

As if that wasn't enough, she frickin' shows up at the Grey Gardens premiere looking like this!!!! I think the reason why i love what she exudes is because she always stays true to herself. That said, she never looks pristine, which is to me the element of true style.

[images via fashionising and red carpet fashion awards]

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