Fashion Over Reason: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daria's home

Daria, oh Daria. Sigh. French Glamour gives us a peek in your nyc loft and your very very messy closet (she's human, people!). Even her home has an effortless chic vibe. To top it off, she has a giant poster of Kurt, my first love. That's when you know someone's the real deal.

[images via cyanatrendland]

New lease on [fashion] life

That's right, folks. I've recently made the decision that instead of succumbing to fast fashion - and be constantly tormented with thoughts such as "...must...have...this...", or "who doesn't need another pair of jeans?", or even "one can never have too many white t-shirts!" (well, surprinsingly, one CAN!) - i've come to the resolution that i want to go the French route: quality over quantity. My new thing is willing myself into investing in worthy pieces as opposed to racking up a 300$ H&M bill and calling it a day. Classic me items that will last a lifetime sound so much more appealing than cheap trendy collections found in any given downtown shop, don't they? Enough with throwing my hard-earned cash out the window, it's time to start thinking long-term! I've already started on my new life-plan, although i've hit a few bumps in the road, not gonna lie. But i feel as though i'm on the right path, what with my New York purchases back in April and all. I believe the trick here is to remain focused and to avoid temptation, perhaps maybe even to start associating negative connotations with all things forever 21. As a seriously frivolous spender (i'm not kidding, money burns a hole through my pockets), these new intentions will require extra discipline and major will power. This is not to say that the occasional sift through the racks of Zara is out of the question, i'm just aiming for a massive reduction of these "harmless" shopping sprees. I should collect frequent flyer miles for riding public transit to these places! However, the one thing that's sure to keep my head above water: the satisfaction and joy that will come with every new acquisition. I just have the slight sentiment that my downfall will be shoes...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shades never let me down

I'd like to just give a shout out to Garance Doré about her recent statement on sunnies. It sounds ridiculous and of course, there is an underlying presence of sarcasm, but for real, i know what she's saying! I'd also like to add that i can't get enough of her blog, just like much of my fellow web writers.

Quand j’essaye des lunettes, j’entends souvent : “Ah mademoiselle ! C’est merveilleux comme elles vous vont.” Là, je lève un sourcil fier, et je dis : “Alors, bon. Je vous arrête tout de suite : toutes les lunettes me vont. Arrêtons de nous extasier sur mon ovale parfait s’il vous plaît et concentrons-nous sur le modèle. Dites : qu’est ce que vous avez de nouveau ?”

When I try out a pair of sunglasses, this is what I get all the time, “Oh! Mademoiselle! It’s amazing how great those look on you.” To that, I raise a proud eyebrow and say: “Okay, so I’m just going to stop you right there: all sun glasses look good on me. Can we quit with the praises of my perfect little oval please and concentrate a little more on the model here. Tell me: you got anything new?"

Monday, May 25, 2009

Models on covers are always worth a mention

Anja Rubik is an amazing model and she's also super freakin' gorgeous. I ran into her at the whole foods in union square once and i was so star struck, i wanted to talk to her but i could only bring myself to staring. Anyway, i always get really excited when i see her in editorials and to me some of her best work is featured in Numéro. Now one of my favorite models is on the cover of my favorite magazine, Vogue Paris that is, for the juin/july issue.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Current obsession: au naturel!

For the past few months i've been completely obsessed with all things desert rose and nude colored. It feels so fresh and it ads a touch of girlishness and femininity to any tough rock n roll edge. Who wouldn't want to inject some softness into a look? Wear oversized to avoid tackiness. If you're still not sold, go with shoes cause no matter how you cut it, there's no way to deny that it'll make any pair of legs appear double their length.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Footwear is my weakness

I'm pretty sure i need to have these boots in order to proceed with my existence.

[via Le Fashion]

Flower power

Isn't this the most amazing headband ever?? The lovely Krystal Simpson over at what is reality anyway made it herself.

Soooo Drew Barrymore in the 90's!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More! More! More!

Happy birthday to me!

Yesterday was my quarter life birthday - well if i live to be 100 years old. I've always refrained from talking too much about myself or posting pics of me on this blog, but i had so much fun at dinner with my friends and boyf that i have to share. Gotta love a wine bar with tapas. Delightful!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Excuse me, is that you... Brooke Shields?

I nearly fell off my chair when i saw these! Brooke Shields posing in one steamy, raunchy and sensual photo shoot with one mighty young looking man. Amazing! She graces the cover of Australian magazine Kurv., followed by this torrid editorial as seen through the lense of Tony Duran. I love it when people step out of their comfort zone and surprise us by doing something totally unexpected, such as this. The brown wig (i assume it's a wig?) cut into a sexy Pulp Fiction bob makes the look entirely and conveys an image of Brooke Shields that had long been forgotten since her Pretty Baby and Calvin days.

[images via StyleFrizz]

Friday, May 15, 2009


I love this girl. She burst onto the scene last year but really hit it big this season when she walked in all the major Fall shows, opening and closing a handful of them while she was at it. At first i wasn't sold, i must admit, however after seeing quite a lot of her on the catwalk, followed by amazing editorials shot by the best photographers of the business, i threw in the towel and now i'm totally and willingly in love with Iris Strubegger. Not only is she my age (aka old by runway model standards), but she defies Austrian standards with icy complexion and dark hair. She looks mysterious and approachable all at once and most of all, i'll say this til i bite the dust, she is blessed with the quality that makes a great model: she transforms herself flawlessly while remaining instantly recognizable. To top it all off, she nabbed the March cover of Vogue Paris. Now if you impress Carine, you're set.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boyfriend blazers and 90's dresses, anyone?

Right this way!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Georgia May

I've entertained a slight obsession with Georgia May Jagger for quite some time now and i reckon it's time to talk about it. Spawn of none other than Mick and Jerry, this 17 year old (man, this makes me feel old!) has got a magnetic face and an amazing sense of style. Her mysticism undoubtedly stems from the fact that she is rock n roll royalty. Georgia reminds me of the likes of Bardot/Vanessa Paradis/Lara Stone, not just due to the gapped pearlies and golden mane, but for the simple fact that a mere photograph of her evokes a range of oxymorons and contradictions: she looks angelic, yet badass; she's so stunning, yet a little offbeat; she exudes coolness and you just want to be her friend, yet you're scared she would steal your man; she seems to be so unfussy, yet so complex; she's such an exotic looking beauty, yet a blonde bombshell all at once... Out and about, armed with sass and elegance, miss Jagger junior charms fashionistas and critics the world over, earning bonus fashion cred points for her recent appearances in style bibles, such as iD, Katie Grand's LOVE and an amazing editorial in April's Vogue Russia. In my opinion, the only reason to hate is out of jealousy. You be the judge.

Posh Spice, is that you?!?

I'm not gonna lie, Victoria Beckham looks FAN-TA-STIC in her new Armani underwear campaign. Wow. And i don't even like her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sasha supplies the sighs

Sasha is one of my favorite models of all time, for the specific reason that she is so incredibly photogenic it kills me. Not only that, but she literally is able to effortlessly transform herself from story to story and we believe it every time. She can go from pristine looking to downright dirty while remaining ultimately recognizable. She's unequivocally one of the most significant faces of the decade. I'm so excited about this Vogue Italia May cover shot by - of course - Meisel. She looks is so stunning, i can hardly find the words to express it.

[photo via fashion copious]

To accessorize or to no accessorize

Anyone who knows me very well is familiar with the fact that i'm not too big on accessories. I usually just wear stud earrings , sometimes a chain (but very rarely) and a few rings (again, very rarely). What i bear most often are bracelets, however not an overload infliction à la Mary-Kate, but something like one grungy cuff, or simply my big bold watch. But i would give almost anything to add this Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James snake cuff to my collection.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Style winners from the MET Gala

Here were my favorites of night, in no specific order:

How predictable that i would choose Kate, but honestly, lady never disappoints. She looks stunning. And her smokey cat-eye really complements her goddess outfit. She never lets me down! (she's wearing Marc Jacobs with a turban by Stephen Jones. Are the pumps YSL or are they also by Marc??)

You know, i've really got to hand it to Anna. She always looks impeccably polished and i thought this dress did her many-a-favors by really complementing her figure and being totally age-appropriate. I thought this dress looked fantastic on her. How can you go wrong with Chanel haute couture, right?

I hate to say it cause i'm not a fan, but Miranda Kerr's fashion choice was so glamorous and right on point with the fringe and cut-out. Only a model could pull this off. Hate the shoes though, would have definitely gone with something else. This dress needs something more delicate... If not another black style, maybe something nude? Jil Sander dress. Sigh.

For some strange reason, i really really really loved Stella McCartney's outfit. I thought it was so chic. I haven't yet read any reviews, but i'm certain she'll get slammed for it. I can't put my finger on why, but just to reiterate: i loved it! You can take a guess at who she's wearing.

I've got to hand it to Kate Bosworth, girl's got some serious style. It also helps that her beauty is beyond words. She looked amazing in this Stella McCartney. Now if only she could be in a movie sometime?

Ok this is soooo not my style and usually i would not condone this type of attire, but strangely enough, Chanel Iman really stood out for me in her Zac Posen leopard print. I thought she really shined.

Ashley Olsen was other-worldly and never ceases to amaze me with her ever evolving style. Amazing! She's wearing - you guessed it - The Row.

Brownie points to Mary-Kate, who's flawless complexion garners a mention. Her skin's been looking rather dewy recently and i'm dying to know what she's been eating or putting on her face!

Kirsten Dunst's look made me gasp. I love love love her gown (Chanel) and her red carpet choices are always quirky, fun and full of personality.

I'm not usually a huge fan of patterns, but Liya Kebede looks so amazing here. I love that it appears she put some thought into what she's wearing all the while looking charmingly effortless! She looks so cool in her Derek Lam. I love her unfussy hair, her dark lips and her giant earrings.

I'm gonna go ahead and throw Daria into the mix, because she just looks so effortlessly cool, gorgeous and rock 'n roll. I believe her dress is Balmain.

These are the ladies who stood out of the pack for me. Special mention to: Madonna for being herself, Agyness Deyn for not being herself and to Anne Hathaway (i'm surprising myself here) who pushed her boundaries on this night. Although i can't stand the thought that was styled by Rachel Zoe...

[images via the cut and fashionologie]