Fashion Over Reason: Excuse me, is that you... Brooke Shields?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Excuse me, is that you... Brooke Shields?

I nearly fell off my chair when i saw these! Brooke Shields posing in one steamy, raunchy and sensual photo shoot with one mighty young looking man. Amazing! She graces the cover of Australian magazine Kurv., followed by this torrid editorial as seen through the lense of Tony Duran. I love it when people step out of their comfort zone and surprise us by doing something totally unexpected, such as this. The brown wig (i assume it's a wig?) cut into a sexy Pulp Fiction bob makes the look entirely and conveys an image of Brooke Shields that had long been forgotten since her Pretty Baby and Calvin days.

[images via StyleFrizz]

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