Fashion Over Reason: Georgia May

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Georgia May

I've entertained a slight obsession with Georgia May Jagger for quite some time now and i reckon it's time to talk about it. Spawn of none other than Mick and Jerry, this 17 year old (man, this makes me feel old!) has got a magnetic face and an amazing sense of style. Her mysticism undoubtedly stems from the fact that she is rock n roll royalty. Georgia reminds me of the likes of Bardot/Vanessa Paradis/Lara Stone, not just due to the gapped pearlies and golden mane, but for the simple fact that a mere photograph of her evokes a range of oxymorons and contradictions: she looks angelic, yet badass; she's so stunning, yet a little offbeat; she exudes coolness and you just want to be her friend, yet you're scared she would steal your man; she seems to be so unfussy, yet so complex; she's such an exotic looking beauty, yet a blonde bombshell all at once... Out and about, armed with sass and elegance, miss Jagger junior charms fashionistas and critics the world over, earning bonus fashion cred points for her recent appearances in style bibles, such as iD, Katie Grand's LOVE and an amazing editorial in April's Vogue Russia. In my opinion, the only reason to hate is out of jealousy. You be the judge.

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