Fashion Over Reason: Iris

Friday, May 15, 2009


I love this girl. She burst onto the scene last year but really hit it big this season when she walked in all the major Fall shows, opening and closing a handful of them while she was at it. At first i wasn't sold, i must admit, however after seeing quite a lot of her on the catwalk, followed by amazing editorials shot by the best photographers of the business, i threw in the towel and now i'm totally and willingly in love with Iris Strubegger. Not only is she my age (aka old by runway model standards), but she defies Austrian standards with icy complexion and dark hair. She looks mysterious and approachable all at once and most of all, i'll say this til i bite the dust, she is blessed with the quality that makes a great model: she transforms herself flawlessly while remaining instantly recognizable. To top it all off, she nabbed the March cover of Vogue Paris. Now if you impress Carine, you're set.

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