Fashion Over Reason: New lease on [fashion] life

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New lease on [fashion] life

That's right, folks. I've recently made the decision that instead of succumbing to fast fashion - and be constantly tormented with thoughts such as "...must...have...this...", or "who doesn't need another pair of jeans?", or even "one can never have too many white t-shirts!" (well, surprinsingly, one CAN!) - i've come to the resolution that i want to go the French route: quality over quantity. My new thing is willing myself into investing in worthy pieces as opposed to racking up a 300$ H&M bill and calling it a day. Classic me items that will last a lifetime sound so much more appealing than cheap trendy collections found in any given downtown shop, don't they? Enough with throwing my hard-earned cash out the window, it's time to start thinking long-term! I've already started on my new life-plan, although i've hit a few bumps in the road, not gonna lie. But i feel as though i'm on the right path, what with my New York purchases back in April and all. I believe the trick here is to remain focused and to avoid temptation, perhaps maybe even to start associating negative connotations with all things forever 21. As a seriously frivolous spender (i'm not kidding, money burns a hole through my pockets), these new intentions will require extra discipline and major will power. This is not to say that the occasional sift through the racks of Zara is out of the question, i'm just aiming for a massive reduction of these "harmless" shopping sprees. I should collect frequent flyer miles for riding public transit to these places! However, the one thing that's sure to keep my head above water: the satisfaction and joy that will come with every new acquisition. I just have the slight sentiment that my downfall will be shoes...

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