Fashion Over Reason: June 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeling semi proper

Marc Jacobs t-shirt, Mavi jeans (very old as you can tell), Chanel loafers, Vintage Liberty of London silk scarf (raided from my mother who had raided from her own mother), Montblanc watch

CC, part II

Widdle wabbit

One of Abbey Lee's finest, in my humble opinion.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Most stylish movies: Mad Love edition

In the 90's i was obsessed beyond words with Drew Barrymore. I thought she was the most gorgeous, coolest, stylish rad movie star ever. She was soooo badass. I saw all of her movies (she drives a yellow car in every single one of her motion pictures), read her autobiography twice, tried to emulate her way of dressing, cut my hair like hers and even kept a folder of magazine clippings of her. Slightly embarrassing, yes, however i think it totally speaks to how i evolved today: i suppose while most girls in high school were crazy for with clean cut cookie-cutter Jennifer Love Hewitt, my affection was dedicated to the quirky anti-conformist role model that was Drew, sort of the icon for the off-beat girl that i was, searching for my personality and refusing to follow the norm. Ah the torturous resonance that comes with being a teenager! Mad Love was mos def my favorite movie back in the day. She was everything i wanted to be (minus the bipolar episodes, i suppose) and revisiting it recently reminded me of just how sick the fashion was (flannel plaid oversized button-downs! White baby tees underneath mini floral dresses! Combat boots! Piece-y short hair!) and how amazing Drew Barrymore is.


A few of the many gals that i look up to, sartorially speaking.

[sources from all over the place... sorry!]

Friday, June 26, 2009


Vacation is all about relaxing, fun in the sun and no worries for a mile away and finally, this day has arrived for me. I'm happy to say that my summer course has ended on a great note - exhaustion and residual headaches notwithstanding. I made sure to look the part of a serious student every step of the way.

J Brand denim, YSL men's shirt, Nine West shoes, vintage jade elephant necklace

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I fell for Alana Zimmer when i first saw her on the runways a few years back and she was one of the models i was excited to see walking every show. When i'd see her in editorials i'd be ecstatic. There was something so magnetic about her look; her allure was a little different than the others. I was immediately drawn to the way she emits something so natural, while exuding a sensibility that was both edgy and classic ... and she's instantly recognizable, although completely transformable in pictures. This was, i believe, in 2007. I wasn't the only one who took notice: she was named one of's top ten faces to watch in Spring 2007. She was scoring ad campaigns with Moschino, JPG and DKNY, as well as being an important up and rising magazine presence. But then she sort of fell off the radar - though not completely. She failed to appear in any major commercial work in the past few seasons and her editorial presences have seemingly been cut back. And this coming from a true magazine junkie - i don't see her as often as i'd like! Though she surfaces once in while (and she's still an important catwalk model), she, according to yours truly, does not get the exposure nor the credit she deserves.

[images via supreme, nyt, tfs]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taking a cue from Krystal

After seeing her post about her too-good-not-to-share halloween costume, i decided mine was also worth showing! Ha! Can you guess what i'm dressed as??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Again, shoes!

I'm so in love with these. The color, the shape, the detailing, the material! How good would they look with a tight black leather mini skirt and a thin grey cashmere long sleeve t-shirt?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Charlotte of Monaco, part one

I suppose that when you are a member of a royal family, you cannot be anything less than gorgeous, fabulous and incredibly stylish. When you get to call Princess Caroline of Hanover "mom" and your grandma was legend Grace Kelly, you most likely are impaired of bad taste.. or bad anything, really. Charlotte Casiraghi is just that: amazing. She's so elegant, subtle, soft-looking and beautiful with those big blue eyes, her dewy skin, that cute little nose and those plump lips. She has an enviable circle of friends and bank account to boot. Her sartorial choices include a never ending parade of chicness, complete with that je ne sais quoi that makes her appear so effortless, classy and a little off-beat. If that wasn't enough, she dates Alex Dellal (that's Alice's brother, natch). Ok without trying to sound freaky, the girl exudes effortless style, she's a classic beauty and she is one quality style icon.

Anyway so i've been gathering images of her for quite some time now, so there are a lot, which means this post will have to be multi-fold. Enjoy part one and see for yourselves how amazing she is!

[all images via random sites... sorry!]

Life is a runway

The other day my dear friend Amelia and i decided to go catch a John Lennon/Yoko Ono expo that was near conclusion. It was one of the nicest days of the year so far (like 27 degrees!) and we decided we'd have a little photo shoot on our way there... and a little bit in there as well!

First things first, a refreshing beverage before we take off

On our way!

From inside the sacred walls of the fine arts museum

Stopping for a little reading

And this concludes our little adventure!

On me: vintage button down, no name shorts, no name shoes (seriously, i found them at this super cheap store closing down sale on 6th ave for 10 bucks. amazing.), vintage jewelry, Marc Jacobs tote

On Amelia: Vintage dress, vintage shoes, H&M purse, WeSC hat

~ The End ~