Fashion Over Reason: Again, shoes!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Again, shoes!

I'm so in love with these. The color, the shape, the detailing, the material! How good would they look with a tight black leather mini skirt and a thin grey cashmere long sleeve t-shirt?


Damsels said...

definitely would look great with the grey cashmere cardi!!
We Were Damsels

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Oh Dear Charlotte said...

oh my lord those are just devine

ryder said...


i easepcialy like the color

because of the "nude effect"

its always smart to wear colors like that

[LA] said...

Like it!

I love Charlotte Casiraghi too!

cyndicated said...

gorgeous shoes!

What is Reality Anyway? said...


The Sydney Girl said...


these shoes are divine!

Your question: does it count is i'm following you via rss or does it have to be with the blogger thing? of course!

and i am glad to have found your blog too!!!! you are absolutely gorgeous! MWA


Ane said...

These shoes are pretty cool! I want a pair of beige shoes.

Roxane said...

Je les adore, elles sont vraiment magnifiques !
Nude la couleur de la saison en plus et ce travail de la matièere est très raffiné