Fashion Over Reason: It's that time of year

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's that time of year

So the Autumn 09 campaigns are starting to pour in and while i usually keep very close track of them in order to report back on my blog, this season i'm going to just concentrate on the ones that strike me. Here are the Longchamp ads you'll be seeing in your Fall magazines. The reason i present this campaign to you is because i like to see the evolution of what the same model and same photographer do from one season to the next. Plus, last season's ads captivated me so much (to the right) that i went and cut off all my hair in exchange for that fabulous bob Kate an Sasha worked so well. Of course, Kate is back, but Sasha's been replaced by Daria. I love that the spotlight is on the girls and the sailors are in the "shadow", it makes them pop and captures the eye!

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my empty closet said...

nice contrast! but i kind of love pivarova..