Fashion Over Reason: Model crush

Monday, June 1, 2009

Model crush

I know, i know, i have too many model crushes. But i can't help myself, i love them all! i have a lot of favorites. I've been harboring a major crush on Anna Selezneva ever since i saw her in the Vogue Paris September issue of last year portraying none other than Carine herself. She's incredibly beautiful and perfectly versatile. Despite being relatively new on the scene, this Russian beauty has already landed a handul of covers, mostly Vogues (Russian, Paris, Italia, Nippon.. whoa!) and a V. She's got many editorials (including some american Vogue ones) under her belt and she's also the new face of the YSL Elle frangrance (title first held by Coco). I'm excited to see what she'll be up to next! I feel very strongly that she has a very promising career ahead of her (just throwing out there that if Carine handpicks you to portray her, you're pretty much set).

[photos via tfs, & fashionologie]

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