Fashion Over Reason: Model love, yet again

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Model love, yet again

Anja Rubik is most definitely in my top 10 models. She's just amazing, super successful, otherworldly and insanely good at what she does. Her editorials are always so arresting, they bring me to magic places. I love seeing her at events; she has a je ne sais quoi that makes you instantly focus on her, while her spirit shines through. Here at the CFDAs is no different: she made me stop in my tracks, she's so stunning.


Damsels said...

wow that dressis amazing and she has the toned back to wearit
We Were Damsels

Roxane said...

Toujours au top ANja. Cette robe lui va vraiment a ravir. Cela permet de faire ressortir sa blondeur grâce a la couleur blanche et a sa peau légèrement matte