Fashion Over Reason: Most stylish movies: Heathers edition

Monday, June 8, 2009

Most stylish movies: Heathers edition

I've decided to start a new segment on my blog called Most stylish movies showing stills of, you guessed it, the movies i find are the most fashionable and that resonate with me sartorially. First up: Heathers. The classic teen cult movie was so on point with its prissy main characters sporting plaid skirts, Heather Chandler's red anything, structured blazers and of course, always a pair of socks in the little shoes. Evidently, Veronica's collection of hats was also one of the focal style points of this film, as were the Big Fun t-shirts and cinched waists. The broadway show will be ready for summer '10. Can't wait!


Unknown said...

how funny! i have a heathers post too! and a martha dumptruck tee post!

Sydney Rahimtoola said...

wow, my favorite movie of all time. i really wanted to blog about this soon, so i googled the heathers and found this ;)