Fashion Over Reason: Paris, je t'aime!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paris, je t'aime!

I suppose i've become slightly obsessed with anything French and Parisian because i'm moving there shortly (early August, to be precise). Recently starting my apartment search has left me with an overwhelming feeling of giddiness and all i can think of if how spectacular the view on the street will be from my future humble quarters. These photos only emphasize my enthusiasm, simply making me wish that August would come sooner, all the while lending me a twinge of butterflies, all at the pit of stomach.


The Glossy Editor said...

Wow... I'm very jealous:) I looooove Paris - lucky you!

Damsels said...

that is so exciting you are moving tofrance!

its gonnabe som amazing .. you are gonna be bloggoing from there too?

how long will you bethere? are you going for work?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots.
I love that pic of Anja too, it's my phone background! x

The Sydney Girl said...

how awesome that you're moving to paris! you must be super excited!

p.s. would you like to exchange links?! =)


Roxane said...

AAaah ... Paris, la ville de la fashionnista

Emma's way of life said...

beautiful pictures of Paris ! I live there but those pictures are really showing how the city is beautiful (because I live there I am not paying attention to the beauty of my city ;) )