Fashion Over Reason: Schoolgirl

Friday, June 26, 2009


Vacation is all about relaxing, fun in the sun and no worries for a mile away and finally, this day has arrived for me. I'm happy to say that my summer course has ended on a great note - exhaustion and residual headaches notwithstanding. I made sure to look the part of a serious student every step of the way.

J Brand denim, YSL men's shirt, Nine West shoes, vintage jade elephant necklace


Maverick Malone said...

Wow, those jeans look really really good on you. Nice hair, too! Congrats on finishing your courses :)

xox, mavi

daniB said...

that YSL shirt is so chic!
love it(:

and i love the pairing of the gladiator heels!


stephanie said...

hey lady!!!

you have SUCH fantastic style :) You're going to fit right in when you move to Paris :) And i ADORE the picture of Julia in your sidebar- it's one of my faves of her cause she looks so effortlessly amazing! definitely summer 09 inspiration. i almost bought that pamela love talon claw cuff she's wearing, but i couldn't slide it over my hand. that picture a l w a y s makes me so sad i don't own it.
and i am currently on a desperate hunt for a sheer white blouse like the one she's wearing. maybe i'll thrift it.....

as for your question: To put my text in the center: in the text box, i highlighted the first text bit and clicked on the "center text" icon at the top. i have to say though, i wish i was more familiar with html cause that would really be the way to customize a listing- otherwise you end up with glitches: ie: it kept underlining my text even when i was saying i didn't want underlining and it wouldn't register the font or the text size accurately. kinda glitchy to be honest, but i guess overall relatively user-friendly posting system for my first time selling.

I hope this helps answer your question :)

& your madonna costume is bang on perfect!


Tracey Ellle said...

lovely outfit

STEFANIE said...

you totally rock those ankle jeans! And I'm jealous of your shoes haha ^-^

Damsels said...

oooi have those shoes!

love the shit and all the color combinations here

Ash Fox said...

so gorgeous! i love nothing more than a simple button down.

Joelyne said...

i love those shoes on you! and that top! how cool is it that it's a mens top!


Roxane said...

Super pour aller bosser.