Fashion Over Reason: When country club meets rock 'n roll

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When country club meets rock 'n roll

I have a secret love affair for anything preppy. It's funny because i'm everything but and no matter how hard i try i end up looking like somewhat of a mess (a nice mess, i like to think!). However, one of my favorite stores is the Gap, i live for the J Crew catalogues and i have Sperry ads up in my closet (along with other cooler things too, let's not get carried away!), therefore i believe a correct statement would be that i diggity-dig anything Fred Perry. Raf Simons (of Jil Sander fame, genius) has been doing collections for the brand and this season's ads are so me. Especially this one yonder. It's preppy gone bad - in a good way! I simply adore the graininess and the black & white. It's as if a thoroughbred from Connecticut went to hang out with Pete Doherty and documented with a camera. Amazing.

[image via view on fashion]

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LACY said...

gap is definitely an amazing store, and even more if your going for the preppy look. I luv the photo, the black and white really gives it more emotion :)