Fashion Over Reason: Ze French touch!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ze French touch!

Sure, we have stores like American Apparel here in North America for our everyday street wear basics but let's be honest here, who isn't tired of seeing the same gritty soft-porn distasteful images created by the ever-so-classy Dov Charney and his gag-inducing combos of neon reminiscent of anyone you might encounter on this site. (Am i being harsh?) It's time for:

a) an image revamp?
b) ceasing all activity?
c) a coup to overthrow Dov?
d) to discover The Kooples and bring them to North America?

The Kooples is a (relatively) new French (of course) clothing brand specializing in really cool, classic with a disheveled edge basics, reiterating that the best clothing is unisex. Their premise stems from the school of borrowing from your significant other. And that goes both ways, ladies! In this day and age, a boy is just as likely to borrow your skinny jeans as you are to steal his perfectly worn-in oxford. Anyway, this sort of effortless elegance is the look we've come to envy from the French, but when they start doing casual elegance, it's a whole new ball game and we fall in love all over again. However, and i think i speak for all of us females here, we better not see any of our boyfriends "borrowing" those skirts.

Cross the Atlantic, Kooples!

[photos via thekooples]


Damsels said...

you are right on point those looks are so frnch i love it
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We Were Damsels

Love + Cake said...

oh...that white long sleeve is just delicious.

Anonymous said...

Cute clothes and a cute name!

Rackk and Ruin said...

love these!! and i think it's fantastic that the model isn't wearing a bra. . .

jules said...

i just love the cut on the kooples blazers and coats, especially the 2nd one in this post (in the grey/olive color)

jules said...

ps i LOVE your blog, it's amazing

Stacy said...

love the destroyed pants and blazers! great choice

Roxane said...

C'ets vraie qu'il s'agit d'une boutique qui représente bien la mode française. Les choses y sont si chic et raffinés. C'tes vraiment un rêve malgrès les prix un peu élevés.