Fashion Over Reason: Ballerinas forever

Friday, July 31, 2009

Ballerinas forever

Totally inspired by the ever so lovely Sydney Girl and her amazing sketch about ballerinas (go look at her blog if you haven't already), i've myself compiled some images of the most gracious dancers and ballet inspired fashion. My mother was a ballerina and she always tried to make me take lessons when i was younger, but alas, to her great disappointment i never wanted to - i was a pure tomboy who hung out with only boys and i absolutely needed to uphold my reputation, go figure. Nevertheless, in my own private time i would secretly sneak into my mom's closet, dig through her black leather dance bag, slip on the leotard, pink leg warmers and point shoes... As i grew older and shifted my interests toward more feminine concerns, embracing the fact that i was a girl, i started to deeply regret never venturing in the dance world, seeing as dance was always something that i truly enjoyed watching - i used to beg to go to my friend's recitals, to go see the nutcracker come christmas time and my favorite movies are dance flicks and musicals (i know i'm very lame). To me, the fashion of Center Stage was outstanding; the fantasy that is associated to ballerinas and their flowy skirts, off the sholder oversized sweaters, nude leg warmers and sweet round toe flats resonates deeply with me. The color palette, the gracious bodies, the movements, the tight chignons, all of it makes me swoon. Some of my all-time favorite editorials feature ballet-inspired stories, filled with dainty feminine garb and images gorging with grace. With a lot of tough chick images we're seeing in fashion recently, i say this is a refreshing reference; there's nothing wrong with a little daintiness once in a while. All this to say, ballerinas will always be at the forefront of my inspiration.

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The Sydney Girl said...

hey beautiful!!!

what a fantastic post!

that's amazing your mother was a ballerina.

i have a fellow blogger friend whose parents were also ballerinas! i'll have to find his blog address for you to see the photos.

thank you for linking me in this post. how wonderful you are.

i would love to sketch you gorgeous! please send your favourite photo to my email. joelynemodel at