Fashion Over Reason: JRR proves that style is in her DNA

Sunday, July 5, 2009

JRR proves that style is in her DNA

We've seen quite few people trying to attempt the gorilla Chris Kane dresses, sometimes with great success, others with utter failure. I think Julia's take on it is hands down the best i've seen, her styling is impeccable and her body is bangin'.


Hillary H. said...

i've seen this dress EVERYWHERE. i think she pulls it off quite nicely also.

LACY said...

I love love LOVE this dress! btw helene I adore your blog so I tagged you! you can check it our here:

The Sydney Girl said...

i haven't actually seen this dress yet! looks great on her. i'll look out for it. anything interesting you can tell me about it?

thank you for your lovely comment on my sketch. mwa


Sara Bara said...

this is amazing! i have been crushing on christopher kane's collection! especially the piece with the skirt!

Gabriela said...

how could she NOT have great natural style? it runs in her veins... i'm so jealous lol