Fashion Over Reason: Latest project

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Latest project

I just held a clothing sale at my house and there is this little grandma pink blazer that i just could not get rid of (in spite of its low price tag of 5 bucks). It had never been worn and it had been sitting in my closet for a good 5 years. So i thought to myself, how could i make this dated blazer feel fresh and new again? Well well, my friends, watch yonder all the magic that ensued.

The culprit:

The technique (elastics & bleach diluted in some water):

The final result:

So i'm thinking a lighter wash skinny cropped jean, a loose t-shirt, my h&m brown wedge shoes (these) and this fur scarf. YEAH!


6roove said...

very nice effect!
I'll try it with my jeans jacket and skinnies :)
your modifications are very interesting, i like its.

The Sydney Girl said...

YAYYY! that looks so hot!!!



instant revival! gotta love bleach!