Fashion Over Reason: Model chic

Monday, July 20, 2009

Model chic

Models are like mythical creatures of style. Let me explain: they have access to the best clothing and they wear it in a way that one else could. Simply, everything looks good on them. Here to help me put a visual to my abstract, yet very clear explanation.

I think this is my favorite Maryna outfit:

I realize that i have a lot of girls missing, but there are just so many pics that one can post at a time. Perhaps i'll do a part 2?

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Lauren said...

1. I love your style!
2. I love that pink bleached blazer a few posts down too.
3. Thanks for your comment- the blue poncho is from la garconne:

Unknown said...

God, I hate models....kinda. I am just very jealous I guess!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Darn their genetic blessedness. They sure do make clothes look delicious.

Roxane said...

Elles sont vraiment magnifiques. Natasha et Jessica au début sont sublimes et très naturelles.