Fashion Over Reason

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running around trying to gather yourself for a trip/move across the atlantic is no excuse to look frazzled. I had a little fun with the effects on iphoto with the last pic.

Zara pants, Gap t-shirt, Calvin Klein bra, Chanel shoes, vintage purse


Ash Fox said...

very pretty. simple and chic. i love those chanel shoes.


loft in SoHo said...

you are so beautiful dear!


Gabriela said...

oh my god the shoes! i'm so jealous! and what is with this weather? 17 degrees today? really? i wanna move too lol

jules said...

nicely muted color palette
one of best fits i've seen on the pants too

Stephanie said...

Your chanel flats are g o r g e o u s- they really suit you :)

g r e a t outfit. love the cut of the pants.


Stephanie said...

I just realized they aren't flats- lol.

gorgeous anyways- they're so elegant, like jackie O or A wintour ;)