Fashion Over Reason: August 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009


As much as i love being feminine, i love borrowing from the boys. Undoubtedly, Johnny Depp's gotta be one of my biggest fashion inspiration. I even copied his eyewear. And every lucky lady he's famously had on his arm has been not bad, either. Ha!

They're Moscott ;)

An explaination

Oh my lord. Guys, i'm so sorry, still no internet at home and i am dying without it! Which is why the posts have slowed down and i am having a lot of trouble keeping up with all of your amazing blogs. This no internet has really put a damper on my existence, as you can tell... And Linaa i can't thank you enough for the fantastic feature, what an honor!!! And Thank you for all of your amazing comments. As soon as i no longer have to squat my local café i will take the deserved amount of time to do follow ups - but in the meantime know that you are in my thoughts!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's nothing like a sequined vest

I must admit, i love anything that sparkles. I love sequins, paillettes, glitter, whatever you want to call it, give me a dress, a skirt, a shirt, pants, a vest made of it and i'll wear it. Daytime or not. (I know there's weird lighting, it was really bright by the window)

And the (hidden) footwear:

Vintage vest, Gap t-shirt, J Brand jeans, H&M shoes, Marc Jacobs tote

Eva, Eva, part 2 of the trifecta

Every time i see Eva Herzigova i almost have to refrain myself from expressing my delight out loud. She's commercial and high fashion all at once; anything looks good on her and she makes anything look good. I just think she's so pretty.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Night out

Sorry for the poor quality, it's a little hard in my yet to be furnished apartment...

Pencey t-shirt, secondhand blazer (i think the brand is something like Loftdesign, but not quite sure), very old Mavi jeans, Zara shoes, Bottega Veneta bag

I stole these photos

Not gonna lie, i took these off of my collegue's facebook after looking through his photos cause i thought they were amazing. They convey a certain emotion, don't you think? I thought they were quite touching, especially the last one.

Monday, August 24, 2009


The heat wave has gone, which means when the sun goes down you can be comfortable in tights!

H&M dress, Aldo shoes, Bottega Veneta bag, Gap vest