Fashion Over Reason: Finally, a hot summer night

Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally, a hot summer night

What does one wear in sweltering heat (finally!!) for drinks and tapas? A miniskirt and a t-shirt, of course! I realize the shoes are a little tough to see due to my shitty camera timer and lack of counter space to rest the damn thing on, which explains the closeup in the last shot. (You know the drill, click to enlarge)

H&M skirt, American Apparel t-shirt, Spring shoes, Marc Jacobs bag & cuff


laura said...

i love this outfit!! especially the skirt, great print.

Grace said...

I'm in love with your skirt.

Love Grace.

The Sydney Girl said...

you look SUPER sexy!!! love the skirt girl!!!


Roxane said...

J'aime beaucoup ton t-shirt. Dommage que les prix chez American
Apparel en France soit un peut élévés