Fashion Over Reason: Florals

Monday, August 24, 2009


The heat wave has gone, which means when the sun goes down you can be comfortable in tights!

H&M dress, Aldo shoes, Bottega Veneta bag, Gap vest


Eva said...

The heat wave is gone here too, YESSSS! I'm digging your dress.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love your floral dress with the black!

Unknown said...

that is such a cute outfit.

i love your blog!


The Sydney Girl said...

oh yay!!! tights! my favourite thing in the world haha. well maybe not my most favourite, but it's high up there. it's my best friend in the cold days - i get really really cold.

you were in my dream last night!!!! you were one of my friends... and we were talking haha was nice!

hopefully one day i'll get to meet you - you're so lovely!!!


Ash Fox said...

i love that little floral dress. your hair looks very cute tied up like that. pretty pretty!