Fashion Over Reason: I stole these photos

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I stole these photos

Not gonna lie, i took these off of my collegue's facebook after looking through his photos cause i thought they were amazing. They convey a certain emotion, don't you think? I thought they were quite touching, especially the last one.


Haute World said...

I agree... these images are beautiful and the last one carries a lot of emotion - basically what it feels like to be a couple :)

To answer your question: Iro's pricing is more expensive than Zara but nowhere near as expensive as designer. It's similar to Theory or Reiss with regards to price... I think around 80-350 EUR (the more expensive things being leather jackets etc.).

Eva said...

I agree, the last one made me smile.

The Sydney Girl said...

they're fabulous! where did he get them? x