Fashion Over Reason: An iconic decade

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An iconic decade

The 90's are a period of pure nostalgia for me. How do i explain? It represents the decade in which i decided that i was too cool for school and that teenage rebellion was a far better option than shadowing the parental unit. If however i wasn't so much so into fashion, i still had a very specific look - part grunge, part punk, part old man (seriously!!). I lived in my doc martens (i had a brown pair and an orange pair), plaid school girl skirt (i remember it like it was yesterday, i bought it at Smart Set with an allowance my mom gave me to shop at the mall with my best friend - it was in shades of blue) and baggy t-shirts. My icons were Drew Barrymore (i was obsessed to the core, magazine clippings and all), Kurt Cobain (read 3 of his biographies and cried, no, BAWLED my eyes out at the end of each one. I also had Unplugged in New York taped on VHS and would occasionally kiss the tv screen - eek!) and the cast of 90210. We'd also all go to the drugstore counter after school to get samples of CK Be. Classy, right? Seeing as the decade is making a big fancy splash back onto the fashion roster (if you have been a reader of this blog for some time now you know that i've been talking about this 90's revival for a year now!), i find it to be more than relevant to do a little flashback trip down memory lane to get us all in the mood for Fall.


The Sydney Girl said...

yayy clueless! haha
and i remember the
babysitters club! how
funny! x

TMFA said...

Wow wow, Kate looked very young there!
I agree with you, nineties are nostalgic for me too and I loved that decade.

laura said...

haha I loved your little write up at the top, you personified the 90s in words and all those pictures really brought back the memories. I miss the days!

O'STYLE said...

Thanks for comment!

Yeah, I remember that period and I used to see those series and wear doc martens too!

Olga xx!

Ash Fox said...

fabulous homage to the 90's. i love 90's music and grungy mish mash fashion.


Brooke Michie said...

This is a great post. We have a lot of the same interests -- especially our love for Kurt. I've read Heavier than Heaven, Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects, and his Journals... His journals especially get to me. I get chills. Ugh, he was amazing. An icon for so many things. You have a lovely blog. xo

modediktat said...

Hi Hélène!
I'm coming via The Sydney Girl - congrats on your feature!!! - and wanted so sned you a Hello!
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, you liked Blossom, too?????? That's amazing! Ela watched the show, too. Do you know her? She is also a blogger!
There are not many girls out there who confess they've watched it and liked it, hehe! I loved Drew Barrymore, too! Clueless... Trish Goff (CK), Kurt Cobain!!
So many things in common! Thanks to Sydney Girl for a great blog find!! :)
xoxo Sofie

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhh, BBC, The Neverending Story and Sassy. I miss.


bravo. perfect!