Fashion Over Reason: Jenny does Balenciaga

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jenny does Balenciaga

I know this ad has been highly criticized, but i'm going to still go ahead and speak my mind, as i think that's what fashion is all about: expressing your humble personal opinions. I quite love this Jennifer Connelly campaign to be perfectly honest. First of all, i fucking love her, i think she's as talented as she is hauntingly beautiful and i love the look, i love the shoes, i love the clothing, i love the pose, i love the palette, i love the vibe, i love it all and so be it. There it is, i said it. Now shoot me.


The Sydney Girl said...

i think it's absolutely
fantastic!!! what's not
to love about it? why
are people criticizing it? x

modediktat said...

Hmmmm... Really critizised? That's strange... I love the campaign and the collection - but I love Jennifer Connelly even more. Do you know the film "The Labyrinth"? (Shoot me, too?) So since she was a young girl.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Checking the mailbox with anticipation daily!

Die Fashionista said...

The shoes are amazing :-)