Fashion Over Reason: Kasia

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Miss Struss has been on my radar ever since her big name runway debut, which i think was in 07. I loved her the minute i had one gander at her cute-as-a-button face and her elegant long limbs. Again, a model whom i believe does not get enough camera time editorial-wise. I wouldn't be hard-pressed to find out that it should be because she doesn't scream sex and quite frankly, doesn't exude the kind of sensuality that, say, Anja or Catherine do. But i love her for her quirky look and the way she evokes sweetness just by looking at her. I don't exactly recall where i retrieved these images, but i thought they were bloody fantastic.


Syed said...

Oh wow, she is stunning! And I absolutely love that last photo :)

The Sydney Girl said...

she's gorgeous! i love her smile!


Grace said...

She is gorgeous.

Love Grace.

Roxane said...

Qu'est ce qu'elle peut être belle Kasia !