Fashion Over Reason: May i have your attention please

Sunday, August 23, 2009

May i have your attention please

Hey guys - I'm in the middle of a move therefore my world wide web accessibility is currently very limited, there's no internet at my new place yet! But i will try to squat my friends' flat to stay updated! Just a warning that things may get slow in the next few days (although i have plenty of things in bank to share with you). Sorry!


modediktat said...

Dear Hélène,
I'm wishing you a lot of success for your move!! I hope everything will go fine and without big stress at all. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Will add you to my blogroll so I will check back often!
xoxo sofie

Eva said...

Good luck with the move. Can't wait for updates!

The Sydney Girl said...

may i have your attention please.

can the real slim shady please stand up :P

i hope you don't dissapear on us helene!!! mwa x

AX80 said...

Good luck moving!