Fashion Over Reason: A sighting already

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A sighting already

Just a quick word cause i had to share this with you guys... So last night was my first evening out in Paris and I went to meet my girl friend and her boyfriend in the Marais to go grab some drinks at one of their friends' apartments where they were having a small get together (like 8 people). Anyway, the sweetest girls you'll ever meet that had made yummy homemade fresh (always fresh, they don't have a fridge!) vietnamese food and mojitos. All this to say, the first face i see when i walk in is none other than Andre J! Obviously, i contained my excitement, but we later got to talking and he's as fabulous as he looks, a real gem!!

Yes, THIS Andre (in case you weren't sure):


The Sydney Girl said...

sounds like you're having a good time for your first days in paris!!!!!!!

the food sounds yum too!


my empty closet said...

ahhh!! and the adventures start...:) this is going to be an awesome couple of months, i can already tell lol...