Fashion Over Reason: There's nothing like a sequined vest

Thursday, August 27, 2009

There's nothing like a sequined vest

I must admit, i love anything that sparkles. I love sequins, paillettes, glitter, whatever you want to call it, give me a dress, a skirt, a shirt, pants, a vest made of it and i'll wear it. Daytime or not. (I know there's weird lighting, it was really bright by the window)

And the (hidden) footwear:

Vintage vest, Gap t-shirt, J Brand jeans, H&M shoes, Marc Jacobs tote


stephanie said...

LOVE the vest!!!! It's phenomenal on you!!!

and I WISH i had those photoshop skills too lol!!! Here is the link to the artist:

You will LOVE him and his work!!! he's phenomenal!


O'STYLE said...


The vintage vest is absolutely fabulous!

Olga xoxox!!

AX80 said...

Ah and I get jealous.I love that there's no set pattern on the vest too. Nice find!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

beautiful vest, what a lucky find!

cody said...

gorgeous vest.
xx cody

Antonio Barros said...

Wooow! You look great with this outfit!!!

the singular

Eva said...

YAY, sequined vest! I need to get one ASAP. You look lovely.

STEFANIE said...

I've been feeling rather sparkly lately! Been looking for a perfect sparkly dress that doesn't look tacky :) But your vest, wow! I adore it!!

Damsels said...

youve officially inspired me . i bought a vest similar to this one and i think im gonna try a similar look :)
you look great and your vest is so amazing

The Sydney Girl said...

you are my twin! honestly!!! hahaha i have very similar shoes!!! AND i looooove anything that's bling bling!! :P you look gorgeous as always!


Lina said...

girls best friend!
thank you so much for that lovely comment, it was so nice to read
im so glad i met you
i hope we become really good friends.
ill do a feautre of you!

The Sydney Girl said...

p.s. have fun tonight at IKEA with your lovely flatmates :) xxx

Lina said...

sorry for continuously posting comments.
your feature:
(: hope you like!

Mila said...

Oh wow such a COOL vest!

Amalie said...


Jennifer said...

Love these photos! Amazing outfit! LOVE!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...


the vintage vest is TO DIE FOR!!!

In love i am!

great find lady love

xxxxxxxx bel

Lucie said...

What an absolutely wonderful blog you have here (not to mention those MJ tote, wow!)

I would LOVE to swap blog links if your interested?

Much love
Lucie xxx

bryna said...

LOVE the vest. i've been looking for a sequined vest for FOREVER!


YES. i have a newfound adoration towards all things sparkly and sequin-y and your vest is definitely something i adore! It's amazing. And those jeans fit you like a glove!

check out mine?

Grace said...

I want that vest!

Love Grace.

street angel said...

I LOVE this look..the shoes are fabulous!

bisou-joue said...

great outfit !
i love your vintage vest !!

loft in SoHo said...

OMG! your vintage vest is absolutely lovely!

happy weekend dear,


Helen said...

great vest! it looks great on you!


la petite fashionista said...

you can totally pull off the sequined vest. it makes such a statement!

adding you to my links!loving your blog and all the outfit shots :)

The Sydney Girl said...

HEY BEAUTIFUL! i so want to see 'UP'! was your one 3d??? :D

Emilie said...

Love the vest! You look fabulous!!!! Love the whole outfit!

olga. said...

the vest is killer and those jeans look so good on you! i almost bought those exact h&m wedges, ahah.

Patty Ann said...

i love your vintage vest
uber sparkly
but not over the top