Fashion Over Reason: Views of Paris

Monday, August 17, 2009

Views of Paris

A few nights ago i got together with an old coworker from Montreal who happened to be visiting the City. We went to the Louvre (holy shit that's a big museum!) then decided to ride the ferris wheel on our way out - there's a little fair in the Tuileries, right next to the Louvre - seeing it was at sunset and we thought the views would be amazing. Obviously, we were right! (click to enlarge)

I had taken a photo of my "to bring" pile of footwear when i was packing for Paris and thought it would be a fun photo to share. Although i did end up with a few extras. Oops.


The Sydney Girl said...

so many sexy shoes!!!
helene you are absolutely
gorgeous you know that?

wow such gorgeous photos of
the Eiffel tower and the
ferris wheel!


my empty closet said...

hey gorgeous lady, looking awesome, as usual - that is indeed quite the shoe collection and i'll bet u squeezed in more than that in your luggage lol! you make paris look like the place to be :)

daniB said...

i am definitely jealous of your little trip!!

the fair looks like so much fun and the ferris wheel looks gorgeous!

not to mention you look lovely (:


STEFANIE said...

So many gorgeous pictures :)! Wow and those are a LOT of shoes ^-^

catalina said...

im in paris right now too! and i had the same problem trying to narrow down which shoes to bring. like you think you want comfy shoes for all the walking, but then youre like, im going to be in PARIS so i have to bring all the cute ones too! haha.

hope youre having fun!!