Fashion Over Reason: While i was away

Monday, September 28, 2009

While i was away

Some of you may be wondering what i was up to while waiting for my wifi connection. A little dash over to London, then to Bath, some fun with the gaysband, then back in Paris, visits from friends, fashion night out... Here's a little photographic resumé.


bisou-joue said...

all your looks are really cute !

thanks for your lovely comment !

tonia fashion tour said...

heyyy..just saw your blog!!!awesome..
great pictures and outfits..
i'm gonna follow you..

gaby said...

you are just too fucking fabulous! drooooling over ALL of these outfits

olga. said...

oh wow! you look so chic in every single photo. looks like you had an amazing time!

ryder said...

last combination is wwoowowoowow!

super hot!


The Sydney Girl said...

hi helene! you look stunning in all these photos with your wonderful smile =) those thigh high boots are hot! and love how you wrapped around that scarf! x


Great outfits... Looks like you had a good time :)

Cristina said...

aw so fun! I'm visiting London next weekend and I can't wait!
I just came across your blog your style!

Check mine out

Stephanie said...

oh! these pictures are fantasticcc love the eiffel tower picnic, the wedding and the shot of you jumping.

and your TRENCCCCCCHHHHHHH-- i love how you tied it in loosely with the bow front and center in the shot with the champagne: you look amazinggg ! + youre seriously beautiful :)