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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dear readers, i need your help! How do i make my images bigger directly on the blog and not by having to click on them to enlarge and without using a thing like photobucket or tinypic?

Thank youuuuuuu!!!!

Note: i already click on "large" for image size when i upload!


India Graye said...

When uploading them, on the uploading form click the biggest image size instead of small or medium.

Emmy x=)

Velo said...

wow it's too hard if you want the picture become bigger without using photobucket or etc... =)
i have no idea..
maybe other can help u =)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful girl you are, you have a great sense of style love it, i am def. following you.
I am using flickr for updating my pictures. Don't click on the link in blogspot for updating a picture, but you must add the text from flickr, select the biggest size and you can see a text below, you can put these text into your new message on blogspot.
Hope i did help you??

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem!! ><

Antonio Barros said...

Follow my steps! It is easy!

1 - Upload pic to any server like flickr or any other hosting company where you have a domanin.
2 - Put the URL of the image at: "Or add an image from the web"
3 - Click Edit HTML of your post
4 - You will see the URL of the image printed 2 times in the code.
Delete the line (a ..... 1st URL until the ) and delete also the /a and the () around the /a

Publish post!