Fashion Over Reason: A picture is worth a thousand words

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

Thank you so much Antonio - from the amazing blog that is The Singular (if you don't know him yet, you MUST make your way over, he is insanely fantastic!) - i think you solved my little issue (the one yonder)!!

My favorite stores are magazine stores. They smell so good. I can stay in them forever going through all the amazing glossies sprawled from floor to ceiling. This is an example of me doing just that with my lovely Charlotte last winter. We were captured unknowingly by our dear friend over at JJJJound.

On a different note, here i am enjoying a tender moment with my gaysband. I thought the photo was so beautiful, i wanted to share it.


Lauren said...

Wow, that second photo really is gorgeous.

Gall said...

love love love the polka dot tights. had the same pair but then ruined them :( your blog is wonderful. love it. visit mine whenever you're feeling bored!

ilovecoolthings said...


jules said...

2nd photograph is magical.
perfect light on a secret moment


Yes the second picture is fab, very pro set-up.

my empty closet said...

wow do i ever love those tights. awesome pic :)

The Sydney Girl said...

that's a fantastic photo of you ! x

Stephanie said...

the second picture is UNREAL! so CHIC!!!!!! wow!! i should pick up smoking as an accesory...wish it didnt have such severe consequences, but who doesnt wish that!

love your trench. i am so for lack of a trench coat. tried to find one in nyc but had no luck. where's yours from? im thinking banana republic might make some good ones. j crew was sold out and zara and h&m trenches dont fit me AT ALL.

also- any shopping excursion and any lunch break during the week ALWAYS involves a stop at the magazine store like Multimags or Presse International or Relay. i even have favourites lol: the multimags on laurier at parc and in westmount on Sherbrooke at clairmont.