Fashion Over Reason: Bangin'

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There are no words.

[via neroandnoir]



Stunning shots. Especially in black and white.

Venus said...

OMG. this is stunning. i have always loved natalia like no otherrrr she only looks better as she gets older! x

Stephanie said...

id never seen the first shot! its sooo hottttttttt.

I didnt get the trench at zara...never found it but im gonna go back and check. I found an amazing miu miu esque dress today at h&m's one of those rare pieces that's mainstream and looks designer. will post it somehow on the blog asap.

im also looking for the leopard jacket from zara that caroline ( has...have you seen it? it looks amazing on her!!!

and youre so right, the days left to wear the trench are few and far in between here! but its a sound investment for the spring!

what are you doing in Paris btw? work or school?


Ash Fox said...

sexy sexy.


my empty closet said...

i love her best and always will. :)

Naiva said...

Natalia is just so beautiful. Breathtaking... :)
#' Iv