Fashion Over Reason: Best dressed at Chanel's winter fête

Friday, November 6, 2009

Best dressed at Chanel's winter fête

These two style icons look flawless, as per usual. I think their beauty and charisma play a very big part in their status as fashionistas extraordinaire cause they nail it every time and on other people, it just wouldn't be as good.


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Stephanie said...

omgod i love both these women!!!!! Leigh has such a great look. it's iconic. i just adore her hair!

and Lauren is just as stylish and gorgeous as anyone could wish to be.

BTW- you're right about the dress! It is that one :) i'm actually wearing it today. It's the green and orange coloured one that i have because the other colour wasnt even available. it's not uber mini though0- acutally it comes to about where Lauren's dress's hemline is in this picture. and the effect of the skirt is a bit bubble. It's a great piece with opaque tights and a blazer too.

I never really find anything at H&M so it's pretty fantastic that i found this.

So you're coming back for the holidays and then staying to go back to school in January? Where do you study in Mtl. Paris Select internship sounds amazing and in Paris!!! wow!

I do work at LOU LOU :) I'm currently the Associate Beauty Editor but i work a lot for their website too and i don't love beauty and the web work i do has more of a fashion component to it, so im hoping there might be an opportunity to move over to that end of things one day.

I'm so glad you agree with me about Caroline's jacket! awful! lol! H&M has a softer one! but it was also shorter. anyways, im gonna keep an eye out at E.R.A-- have you ever been there? she has great pieces but they can also be costly.