Fashion Over Reason: Chic on a chilly day

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chic on a chilly day

I know it's annoying that the lighting is awful and that you can't really see any good detailing, but i'm working on that...

Leather jacket - Mackage
Diy denim vest - originally by Amanda Bynes
T-shirt - Gap
Tights - Somewhere in London
Belt - Marc Jacobs
Skirt - Balenciaga
Shoes - Topshop


The Sydney Girl said...

you look so pretty helene! love your gorgeous shoes! wow! <3

Anonymous said...

i love those shoes! very chloe!

F <-- two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!

Jillian Hobbs said...


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Love this outfit, makes you wanna go out dancing ;)

Stephanie said...

Thank you lady!! so glad you liked the video :) I wish i could get my brother to film, but i don't have a video camera :( I filmed that with my macbook's isight camera (stacked on a about 25 magazines no less lol).

The CM wrap sweater is incredible! it's so soft, which i forgot to mention in the video.

Mavi jeans! They look amazing on you!! I was actually looking at your pictures this morning trying to cuff a pair of my jeans to look like yours. it didn't work out lol.

when you come back to Montreal, we have to hang out!

and im actually heading to Zara today on my lunch break (it's around the corner from my office) so hopefully ill find it!!


O'STYLE said...

So pretty! The most I love, the vest combined with the leather and the shoes which are very lady!!


KP said...

adore the shoes and tights xo

meraldia said...

Gorgeous shoes!!! I die for them!

loft in SoHo said...

Great outfit, so lady, you look very pretty dear!


Gall said...

talk about looking great, that would be you. i have the gap tee in like every color, isn't is so soft. love it. such a great shoes, topshop fulfills all my desires. i wish there were more brick and mortar TopShops in the US, they would do so well here. you live in Paris? so jealous, i traveled and lived there this summer for a couple months and then came back this fall. you'll have to tell me how the beautiful city is doing. love you blog. following immediately. xoxo


Unknown said...

lovin the skirt the tights and the tee xooxoxox

Sil said...

your tights are really cute! and so is your hair!

Susanna-Cole King said...

Love leather paired with denim! <3


Posh said...

Amazing look, love all the single items in it! <3

Anonymous said...

Love it !!