Fashion Over Reason: Current obsession: leather pants

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Current obsession: leather pants

I really want leather pants, like, now.

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Stephanie said...

omgod me too! you read my mind lol! I want the pair that are a la ashley olsen: legging like.

Im pretty sure it is the cape you saw at ZAra. it did look good but i came to the concllusion that it wasnt a smart purchase (and im trying to save for a pricier rent as of march and furnishing my new apt!) since my style can be pulled together but there is always something "off" - you know what i mean? also, it was a bit too stiff, the felt.

Thanks for you super long and awesome comment!!! xx

ironmaiden said...

j'en ai acheté un à zara il y a 2 mois mais je n'ai jamais pu le mettre car j'ai grossi 1 ou 2 kilo depuis.. lol

la petite fashionista said...

ah i love leather pants too.. so rock and roll! i wish I could pull them off <3