Fashion Over Reason: Épuré

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This look encompasses the exact aesthetic i strive for. Simple, chic, elegant, unfussy and just effortlessly cool as shit.

[via jak&jil]


Anonymous said...

i love when that long of a jacket fits so well. love the cuffed jeans also. perfect.

F <-- two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

WhynotJustine? said...

Love this outfits
And the photo is amazing


Blunettes said...

Love this outfit! :)


Unknown said...

love this pic x

jack bespoke said...

love the clean cut lines

minor keys said...

I absolutely love this... a truly perfect look.
gives the impression of a paint stroke down a white page.
I would wear this forever.

Posh said...

Fresh and clean look, perfect! <3

Thank you so much for stopping by!