Fashion Over Reason: Fall in Paris

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall in Paris

Paris has a light i've never seen before, something totally foreign to what we see in North America. The sun has a unique glare that reflects on the gorgeous historical architecture, that shines on the tip of autumn's foliage, sharing with the French capital a nostalgic and fresh romance. The air is crisp and the breeze is soft, giving the city its poetic resonance. Every time i walk in the streets before nighttime i tell myself how lucky i am to be witnessing the sun's last rays grazing the city's skylight, reflecting gracefully onto the streets of this magical city.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous buildings, tres tres beautiful! How I wish I were there, the light is stunning!

la petite fashionista said...

ah so poetic. your pictures are making me miss paris terribly. there are few more beautiful things in the world than autumn in paris! :)

stephanie said...

These pictures are gorgeous and you look amazing!! Your jacket is gorgeous. & where are you jeans from?

i'm inspired to cut mine up and cuff them with ankle boots ;)


jules said...

the light really is different in paris.
3rd shot of the building is amazing!